Hire a freelance marketer


Hire a freelance marketer and you’ll skip the interview drain and get your inbound leads faster. After all, how long can a job description take? Ages. Freelance marketers often have briefing templates already done for you! With a freelance marketer, it’s straight down to business and full-steam ahead. Just the way we like it. We know you have a clear cut goal and can help you get there fast.

Freelancers give you flexibility and fewer overheads compared to a full-time employee. They help you maintain an agile approach in a shifting economy and move with you and your business’s needs.

Small business owners often aren’t quite ready to hire a full-time marketer. They’ve been doing the marketing themselves, so sometimes they wonder if they really need someone to give them a hand. Maybe they just need someone to do some of the marketing jobs that have been soaking up their time. Sometimes they’ve been burned by a marketing agency, and want to work directly with the staff that are delivering their outcomes. 

So what are the options?

  1. Hire a local Marketing Consultant! (Full disclaimer: As a freelancer myself, I do I recommend this with some bias)
  2. Hire an OS freelancer!
  3. DIY  (Please.. wait… it’s like diagnosing yourself on WebMD. Experts recommend against this for a reason. You can go with that strategy for so long before you realise you need some extra help!)

Challenge 1: Who can you trust?


The first challenge is who you can trust. A referral is always a good place to start. Somebody else has done the research. Is there a colleague that can give you a recommendation? Have you tried asking around on Linkedin? That can make your life easy and short-cut your hunt!

You’ve also found a local marketing consultant right here. You can check out my track record and meet me virtually online. I may be able to help.


I know this is how people think freelancers work but actually, I work at my desk. Not on the beach while you’re slaving away in the office.




Challenge 2: What kind of marketer?


Are you new to this? May I recommend a generalist over a specialist? Otherwise, you can find you’re limiting your marketing investment to their speciality bias. That can limit your ROI in the long term. I’m a generalist myself. That means I have skills across multiple channels – online and offline, and I tend to meld the channel strategy together. I normally manage or recommend the specialists!

Alternatively, do you know what market channels are working best for you? Or which are performing the worst? You can track down a specialist in those areas or I may be able to recommend someone for you. And note, sometimes your perception of what’s working isn’t right! So base it on data. I once had a tourism client that thought their search engine targeting in the Asia Pacific region was generating their highest ROI, but after analysing the data we found it was the American and Canadian market. And the difference was significant. Over 500% difference in ROI per $1 spent!


Challenge 3: Don’t panic!

Like campaigns, there’s the risk you won’t generate ROI fast enough. Rome wasn’t built in a day, so why are you thinking you can generate overnight results? Or maybe the question really should be… how can you? Actually, that was a joke, I mean, how can you keep expectations reasonable, AND, make sure you aren’t essentially being milked?


Communication is one of the primary reasons business owners hire a local marketing consultant. Instead of dealing with a marketing agency, they work directly with their strategist. Ask your marketer about deliverables. Ask them what they think you should do. You’re hiring them because you want to take advantage of their knowledge right? Micromanaging a freelancer just won’t work. It’s like trying to create a masterpiece with someone breathing down your neck. They call it ‘creative space’ for a reason. Creative marketing consultants need it. Usually, it’s the marketer that’s creating the master marketing strategy unless you’ve hired a junior. A freelance marketer can manage deliverables that you negotiate and agree on together.


They call it ‘creative space’ for a reason. Creative marketing consultants need it.


Challenge 4: Listen (Of course this goes both ways).

A marketer knows you’ve built your business up yourself, and I’d hope that they respect that you have knowledge that they don’t. However, you need to recognise that they also have knowledge that you don’t. You’re hiring them to take advantage of that.

Listen to their track record in the interview. And their ideas. Especially once they’ve had a chance to digest your brand. You didn’t create it overnight, so give them a chance to work out what your brand is made of so they can explain it to the market.  


Challenge 5: Deliverables


Agree on deliverables and success measures before your project starts, not at the end. If goal posts are shifting, have a process to manage it. For example, you may suddenly need a brochure designed for an event next week, but it means another deliverable will need to move to fit it in. You’ll need transparency – like an agile marketing calendar where deliverables can be moved quickly but visible to stakeholders.


 Hire A Melbourne Based Freelance Marketer


When hiring a marketing freelancer avoid temptation – like looking for a recent-graduate that’s brighter than Leonardo Da Vinci, that can do it on the cheap.  Honestly, the biggest thing I’ve learnt in the marketing world is that experience and proven track records count even more than qualifications. This sector changes so fast.