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Cause marketing is heavily dependent on story-telling. It’s your story that secures your funding, expands your audience or drives donations, quickly. I am a Melbourne-based marketing consultant that helps social start-ups, non-profits and corporate organisations amplify their stories.

  • Develop your brand to align with audience values
  • Maintain consistency to become recognised
  • Leverage authentic content to tell your story

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Strong Stories Sell

Amplify Your Story

A Google study revealed ‘visible impact’ is the most important factor in the online donation process for most donors. A charity’s story needs to be seen, repeatedly. And I can help you achieve that. Traditional mediums and digital work together. The most recent Global Trends In Giving Report highlights Facebook and Instagram content is what inspires the most giving. The average lifespan of the posts on these channels is short. So, you need more of it with consistent branding. It’s so that your audience recognises all of your content as a part of your organisation and is inspired to keep your work going.

Some organisations are dependent on re-targeting, finding between 50 and 70% of website visitors more likely to convert.

Non-profits and social start-ups know that securing funding is about driving an emotional connection to your mission. In Australia, a donation is encouragement. It’s a ‘good on you’ to those delivering the work. Donors and investors want to know who’s behind the work, what it’s resulting in, and what’s next. How can we help you succeed? This is your content. You want the donation process to wrap them up into your story. It’s your content that does exactly that.

Show your audience
that they can ‘make a difference’


    Your project needs to tell a story that’s bigger than one person


    Connect emotion with your brand and its audience


    Be what your target market ideals

Increase funding by increasing awareness


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