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Your brand isn’t static. It’s evolutionary. In a fast-paced world, perpetual development enables brands to shift with the persona of their target market, never losing sight of the customer. It’s this customer focus that brings the customers back. New customers latch on to the evolving brand promise. A consistent market presence makes you known, remembered and recognised. It warms prospects before your sales team picks up the phone. Creates cut through with persistence. It doesn’t give up. It moves. More than ever before, brands require flexibility, movement and authenticity to find their place in the market.

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The campaigns you are running could be doing you more harm than good. Are you changing your messaging all the time? Is your logo hard to see? Do you offer so many services nobody truly knows what you do? Use my process to ensure your brand is moving in an informed direction and, securing your reputation.

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Case Study

This brand needed an entire upgrade. Its material was suffering from information overload, inconsistency, and messaging based primarily on the product rather than their target market’s needs. Their market had been receiving direct mail from them for years, but every time it arrived it looked like a different brand. This meant every campaign relied on being a one-hit-wonder, instead of building memorability year on year. By changing their brand look and feel with every campaign, they had no brand equity to capitalise on.

They discovered their biggest problem was that they were unknown or unrecognised by their audience. This made it harder for the sales team to make cut-through. Every single time they got on the phone it was the same story: the person at the end of the line had “never heard of them”. Yet this brand is possibly one of the largest and most credible companies in its sector nationally.

Not only that, but they had so many different products, under different brands, under the same umbrella. This was confusing their offering more and more and a brand merge was in order.

We started with plotting the merge timeline, redesign the website, establish audience segmentation and the collateral suite to suit. The discussions lead to a new business model and company acquisition that would better suit the needs of both the owners and future proof their offering for their target market.

See, a brand upgrade is never just about making a brochure look prettier. It’s about solving your problems, and the problems of your target market. We can’t always see where that will take us, but the most important thing is that we start.


“The biggest problem you will have is how to deal with others when she leaves them in the dust.”

Kent Bayley, Former GM, Sea/Gold FM (Eastern States of Australia)

“Thank you for your great work – it has put us back on the map. Your contribution has been amazing.”

Pat Dalton, CEO, iGoDirect Group

“Anita’s expertise in digital marketing…is at such a high level that she has identified possibilities for growth that we have simply been unable to see.”

Martin Rodd, National Partnerships Director, Department of Conservation, New Zealand.

“Working with Anita was rewarding as her feedback is constructive and enables people to learn in a positive environment. An asset to the industry.”

Sarah Howson, former staff member, 89.3FM

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