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Brand development will move your small business from a dependency on transactional marketing to experiencing marketing with the leverage of a magnified reputation. Work 1:1 with me, a marketing specialist, and choose a branding package designed to take your business identity from relatively unknown, to both recognised and valued within your industry sector.

Brand development for small business

Every business has a story. The question is, what’s yours?

A branding journey

Reputation isn’t built overnight. Neither is your brand.

1. Personify

Resonate with your desired market group, with branding that better reflects the persona.

1. Personify

• Broad Market Research
• Persona Analysis

2. Clarify

Control the way you're perceived, by meeting your customer where they are at.

2. Clarify

• Customer journey map

3. Solidify

Stand out from the rest by evolving your market differentiation.

3. Solidify

• Brand Development
• Channel development

4. Amplify

Become recognised via your channel strategy.

4. Amplify

• Campaign development & management

5. Qualify

Secure brand perception by nurturing prospective customers around the clock.

5. Qualify

• Lead Nurturing Programs

6. Fortify

Monitor brand growth by measuring channel changes over time.

6. Fortify

• Brand monitoring
• Custom dashboard multi-channel reporting

Your audience will go to the fresh-looking competition, or you can be that brand

old logo

evolved logo

old logo

evolved logo

old logo

evolved logo

Brand Packages

branding packages designed for small business

Get started with a branding package that suits you before moving into campaign development.


Dial up your brand strategy
$ 2999 2-8 Weeks
  • Initial Brand Consult
  • 3 Design Concepts
  • 2 x Revisions
  • Key Message Development
  • Detailed Brand Guidelines
  • Typography pairing
  • Mobile/Social Icons
  • Photography Guidelines
  • Use Examples

Brand Evolution

An indepth branding journey
$ 4999 4-8 Weeks
  • All Previous +
  • Broad Market Research
  • Persona Analysis
  • Brand Pyramid
  • Brand Touchpoint Analysis (CX)
  • Customer Journey Map

Plus GST.


One of the most common mistakes small businesses make is changing their messaging regularly. Securing brand awareness requires consistency in market, and developing key messages is a part of that. 

Your key messages will be woven into brand touchpoints, such as your website or packaging. They’re applied over and over again to create a clear and consistent representation of your company. This repetition helps solidify public perception of your business so that when your target market thinks they need a service or product like yours, they recall your brand.

Artwork supplied is original, and the copyright is transferred at the handover stage of the project. After this formality, you’ll receive ready-to-go files with complete freedom to use them exactly how you need them.

A logo is just one component of branding. The small business brand packages incorporate what we feel is the minimum to begin the full articulation of your brand.

These brand packages are designed for SMEs or start-ups. 

We’ll be a good fit if you have a killer product or service that genuinely benefits your customers.

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Yes, all work undertaken is under a NDA agreement by default. You can also supply your own NDA if you wish.

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