digital marketing consultant

"Integrate or disintegrate"

digital marketing consultant

"Integrate or disintegrate"

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Omnichannel Formulas


Weave digital channels together into a tapestry of revenue. Move from simply using multiple channels, to integrating each into a personalised experience that magnifies results.

We call it omnichannel marketing, and it’s not new, yet it’s rarely used in small or medium businesses. TV + SMM, PPC + FB, SEO + Google Ads, Direct mail + retargeting, SEO + PR. Nothing works in isolation, (except for people in lockdown). Integrate traditional and digital media and make them work together with calculated outcomes. If you’re a small business based in Australia or New Zealand, looking to swap splashing cash on ads for improved Return On Ad Spend, we could be a good fit.  You’ll get expert advice at your finger tips from a digital marketer with 15+ years of channel management experience. I’ve exposure to hundreds of strategies all consolidated into one head office: my brain.


I’m Anita, a digital marketing consultant based in Melbourne, Australia. For over a decade I’ve been dedicated to simplifying the marketing journey for clients. Working alongside contrasting companies has exposed contrasting methodologies, and I bring my clients a blended mastery of them all.

I believe good marketing solves peoples’ problems. Your problems. Your consumers’ problems. And, I work with companies that are working to do exactly that.

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