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The average lifespan of a social media post can be between 15-minutes or a couple of hours. It means the amount of content your business needs to maintain a fresh and consistent social presence can be exhausting.

You might have seen your competition posting blogs, video, interesting articles. You want that for your business. And maybe some cool gifs too. You need content worth sharing. Content that teases your audience into wanting your product or service today. Content that makes your business memorable so that they remember what you offer.

But who has time for all of that? It’s time consuming. It’s because it can be a time-drain that a lot of business owners ask staff to contribute… but they don’t. They’re busy fulfilling the primary role they were employed for. So, social media ends up being nobody’s clear focus. It’s then that your social media presence stagnates… you worry your stale presence is damaging your reputation. It probably is. You worry that you don’t look as good as the competition. And, you’re probably right. You’re not even seen. Why? Because your content isn’t fresh. Social algorithms reward businesses that are active on social media, and penalise those that aren’t. I know, it sucks, but it’s the digital revolution and the only way we stay ahead is to get on-board and drive that train.

Don’t risk your reputation to inexperienced staff, overloaded agencies, or overseas options. Choose to work with a marketing strategist who understands the broader marketing picture and gets your need for ROI.

Set Your Social Media Alight

Social Media Management

Save time, be up-to-date and be responsive by choosing a local and independent marketing strategist with a proven track record.

I’ve used social influencers to drive more people to New Zealand’s primary tourism products than all social media around the world combined. I’ve run social media campaigns that have reached 38-million people, and created responsive templates for brands to manage negative sentiment.

I’ve developed social media methods that make management fast and effective. This keeps your costs down, all while working with a local marketing consultant. I’ve developed my service after working in agency environments, watching brands get sold expensive packages with low return. I knew I could offer a better and more flexible service as a solo-preneur. Small disclaimer though, I don’t work with every brand that enquiries. I want us to be a good fit.

Client numbers are limited. This is a one woman show after all.

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“The biggest problem you will have is how to deal with others when she leaves them in the dust.”

Kent Bayley, Former GM, Sea/Gold FM (Eastern States of Australia)

“Thank you for your great work – it has put us back on the map. Your contribution has been amazing.”

Pat Dalton, CEO, iGoDirect Group

“Anita’s expertise in digital marketing…is at such a high level that she has identified possibilities for growth that we have simply been unable to see…”

Martin Rodd, National Partnerships Director, Department of Conservation, New Zealand.

“Working with Anita was rewarding as her feedback is constructive and enables people to learn in a positive environment. An asset to the industry.”

Sarah Howson, former staff member, 89.3FM

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