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I’ve worked with brands as varied as Google, UN-Habitat, ASUS and Grant Broadcasters. Teams I’ve worked with have doubled client return on investment compared to previously-used agencies. We’ve won brand alignment awards and turned start-ups into multi-million dollar businesses within 6-months.

ecommerce website redevelopment
Conversion rate ^ 86%

Increased Conversion Rates by 86% translating to significant revenue increase. Cost Per Acquisition dropped as site performance went up and traffic to site increased even during the launch month. 

product development research
Click through rate 15%

Created a customer-led product development strategy for a retail client by building out complex and automated EDM flows that incentivized participation in product research surveys.

9.2 net promoter score

Mapped the highest priority persona for this B2B company, identifying gaps to create a deliberate cohesive experience that nurtures the prospect from enquiry to signature.

map nz hikes on google maps
reached 38M+

Drove people to experience managed NZ destinations by partnering with Google to map New Zealand hikes on Google Maps. This project capitalised on Android location services. On launch, we leveraged commercial partnerships to reach 38 million people.

national digital communications review
new edm platform

Reviewed all digital communications for this government department, using the data to inform and create the nationwide EDM engagement strategy. Data fast-tracked a national CRM system. We rolled out a new EDM platform and training nation wide.

digital fundraising strategy
20% ^ return on ad spend

Voluntary consulting role designing a cohesive fundraising strategy for UN-Habitat. Strategic emphasis on channel cross-overs to unite divided teams, and maximise impact.

B2B ecommerce portal
ux testing

Managed design & usability testing for a digital product used by hundreds of brands and their clients.

Local Area Marketing
10% attributed Revenue

Used audience segmentation to create B2B direct mail campaigns that generated almost 10% of marketing attributed sales for the year.

B2B Website developent
Conversion rate ^ 284%

Managed an overseas team of developers to take this B2B website from dated, to liberated.  Conversion Rate moved from 1.3% to 5%, and average sale value increased a whopping 79%.

Social influencers & seo
300% ^ traffic increase

Coupled my knowledge of search engines and social media to drive more traffic to this client’s tourism products than all social media around the world combined.

increased engagement

Worked with management to establish a local news service for one of the largest community radio stations in Australia. Powered by retired media veterans and volunteers, the service still runs today.

financial services website redevelopment
1st page of google

This accounting firm’s website lacked differentiation and its structure was detrimental to appearing in search results. The redesign has continued to increase organic search traffic for years.

cashback campaign
landing page

Claim site for a new Ethical Nutrients product. This campaign incentivised multiple product purchases by offering cashback in the form of a branded gift card.

Behaviour marketing program
reward participation

Customer journey email flow to encourage those making repayments during periods of unemployment. Those continuing repayments would be rewarded in the form of cashback.

Google ads
doubled avg. ppc sale value

Split test Google ads and landing pages to inform a site redevelopment. We more than doubled the average paid-search sale value compared to organic search. 

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Consolidated Experience

I work with teams and within my network to craft multi-channel masterpieces that drive sales and double up on ROI. Think relentless optimisation of spend, hands-on management, and 1:1 support.

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