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I'm a strategic marketing consultant offering cohesive channel strategies for SME's. I've been mixing marketing formula x design for 15+ years, building high performing brand assets that drive profits for small business, start-ups and ASX listed companies.

Marketing Consultant Melbourne
I believe good marketing solves people's problems

What's your challenge?

Social Media Strategy

Website Redevelopment Projects

Conversion rates ^ 86%

My Process

Success needs a process. Where we begin, depends on where you’re at.

1. Personify

Resonate with your desired market group, by answering your persona's problems.

1. Personify

• Market Research
• Persona Development
• Prospective Customer Surveys
• Competitor research

2. Clarify

Control the way you're perceived, by mapping and owning your customer's journey.

2. Clarify

• Customer journey workshop
• Prospective customer journey map

3. Solidify

Stand out from the rest by evolving your market differentiation.

3. Solidify

• Brand Development
• Website Evolutions
• Content development
• Conversion Rate Optimisation

4. Amplify

Become known and be found through your channel strategy.

4. Amplify

• Channel strategy
• Channel management
• Campaign management
• Digital marketing strategy

5. Qualify

Increase revenue by nurturing prospective customers around the clock.

5. Qualify

• Lead Nurturing Programs
• Email marketing
• Automation
• Local Area Marketing

6. Fortify

Build agility by measuring your channel performance in real-time.

6. Fortify

• Performance Tracking
• Custom dashboard multi-channel reporting
• Agency & Contractor Management
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As a marketing consultant, I work with organisations of all shapes and sizes. I offer 1:1 unbiased support to ecommerce, start-ups, small business owners, brand managers, CMO’s, CEO’s and boards.

I believe good marketing solves peoples’ problems. Your problems. Your consumers’ problems. And, I work with companies that are working to do exactly that.

I’m a Melbourne-based marketing consultant working with Australian-based businesses as well as international organisations. You can read more about me here, or meet me on LinkedIn.

I work with organisations in New Zealand, the UK, and a bit closer to home, with clients in cities including Sydney, Newcastle, Adelaide and Brisbane.

Yes, I partner with digital marketing and creative agencies. I also manage external service providers on behalf of clients.

Depends on the service! Some services, such as campaign management, suit retainer models. Usually I begin consulting with clients on a project basis until we’ve decided we are a good fit for each other.

More Q&A

I offer strategy, execution, and management services. I refer to specialists within my network if I think they’ll get you better results, and manage their contributions for clients. Are you a freelance marketing specialist? Introduce yourself.

Digital marketing and traditional channels are commonly used together. For example, you might watch TV while browsing an online shopping app on your phone. This dual screen behaviour requires a multi-channel approach. For this reason, I don’t have a channel specific approach, but a customer-centric one.

Most marketing consultants have a daily rate, or charge on a per-project basis. Whether you’re working with a consultant through a large firm, or with an independent operator the maximum rate in Australia sits at around $4000.

Most digital marketing consultants offer retainers under 3k per month. These are usually competitive compared to agency fees, as independent consultants don’t have the same overheads as an agency.

Yes, I run marketing programs for small businesses and start-ups. Marketing principles are not exclusive to big brands, and many marketing strategies can also be applied to small business, sometimes to even greater affect.

Yes, I help businesses with brand development and brand positioning but I do not offer personal brand consulting services.

I tend to be brought on as an outsourced marketing department. Only the most brilliant within my network are invited to be a part of that.


Reckon that’s you? Introduce yourself.

I’m a marketing strategist that is 100% independent of agency environments. I do work with agencies, but as a partner, sub-contractor or in a staff-mentoring capacity.

A marketing consultant understands how to weave multiple channels together into a tapestry of revenue. Radio advertising and social influencer campaigns for example, and how effective the combination can be together. Whereas, a digital marketing specialist tends to specialise in a particular online channel like social media or search, and has more of a hands-on approach to online communication channels. Most businesses benefit from working with both.

I’m a generalist, not a specialist. Like a general in an army, I bring together my team and resources to chase down an objective, and the objective is all that matters. 🔥🔥😎🔥 

Yes, I work with ecommerce brands supporting their ecommerce forecasting and conversion optimisation strategies as on a freelance basis.

To hear more about my ecommerce experience, contact me.

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If you have a vision for the business you want to build,

I can help you build it.

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