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I am a Melbourne-based marketing consultant helping clients maintain relevance in a changing world. For my clients, now is not the time to stall, but to move, plan, reassess market position, identify gaps and plot growth security.

I’ve been working with SME’s as well as enterprise brands designing overarching market strategies and creative campaigns for over 15 years. I provide objective advice, implementation support, and straight-forward plans you can build on.

While many companies withdrew their market presence in 2020,  this surrendered whatever market presence they had achieved to participating competitors.

Companies that missed out on the advertising drop in 2020, are now jumping on the bandwagon and driving up digital channels costs. Marketing principles remain the same, but channels are evolving. Maintain your presence, and be rewarded as the more recognised brand.

I’ll show you how to take advantage of the current market environment. Now is your time to adapt, live agile and build brand resilience. 


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Don't waste money on trends.

Just because it's new, doesn't mean it's what you should be doing. Solidify your overarching strategy & create a backbone agile ideas can branch off.

Don't be left behind.

Trying to workout how to DIY or survive by yourself is not a shortcut, it's a road to hell. Let me help save you some headaches.

Don't find yourself forgotten.

Make sure your brand is a consideration when your target market needs you. You do this by maintaining a consistent market presence and I'll show you how.

An award winning track record

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1:1 Support

Independent marketing consultants are changing the ad industry. As agency trust grows volatility, agencies shed specialists and an extraordinary number of experts with years of experience move to offer their support to businesses directly. We are adapting to the ‘new normal’. A normal where agencies are a wary commitment, while direct partners are an agile, trusted one.

I worked in agency land where I experienced clients’ frustration first hand. They often felt their account was not given the attention it deserved, or that there was a lack of expertise from those working on the account, compared to what was offered in the strategy pitch. They’d complain of a lack of access to the expert or strategist working on their account, always having to jump gatekeepers whose channel understandings were often more limited, or guised in a sale bias.

Isn’t it important that you have an expert you can deal with directly? You need someone that has a high level of expertise and honours the time your account requires.

After watching negative experiences play out for clients in various agencies, I too chose the independent path. I offer small and medium businesses clean-cut, ungarnished marketing strategy. Forget the days of the sales deck convincing you to spend money you don’t need to.  Think straightforward operations, your secret weapon in the background, pulling in revenue while you stress less.

I have a ‘no guess, no stress’ policy. My data-based approach helps you create a purchase experience prospects love, instead of avoid.

The majority of marketing consultants have spent many years working in the corporate or marketing agency world. They tend to have seen what works and what doesn’t for a contrasting portfolio of brands, and they bring this knowledge to the table. 

Choosing a local marketing consultant helps ensure you are working with someone that understands the area you’re targeting. I work with clients all over Australia, including Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Sydney, Tasmania and for years I lived in New Zealand, so I still have clients there.

Marketing can be a minefield, but an experienced marketer helps you navigate the landmines so that any sort of blast you experience is your business taking off.

Unlike an agency, where you’re vulnerable to huge fees and less time spent on your account, a marketing consultant is a guide. We’re the ones that help you choose specialists where you need them and ditch any dodgy ones. We create clarity and build a network of operators for your business that fast-track growth.

With this network, you are better able to keep up with the pace of marketing platforms. Marketing is one of the industries that are constantly subject to evolving tech, and an independent marketing consultant will help you cut through the noise, to what actually could work for you.

If you’re tired of DIY marketing, leave it to the professional. Reputation is everything for solo operators. That’s why results are a mutual ambition and you get a partner you can rely on.



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