"Stagnant Brands Smell..."

"Is your collateral causing collateral damage?"

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Hi, I’m Anita. I’m a brand consultant with 15+ years of consolidated experience helping small brands grow. For many of my clients, they’ve reached the stage where direct sales are no longer enough to secure growth. Most are looking for advice… They’re aware that they need some objective advice, maybe some brand-aid and scalability. Their sales team is calling for inbound lead generation and complaining that enquiries are drying up.

But this – this is just part of their challenge. Their biggest problem, is that their brand is not known in their marketplace. It’s because when a target market is reaching the stage that they’re in need of a service or a product just like what your company offers, if you aren’t familiar to them, they just don’t think of you. At all.

Either they have never heard of you, or you just aren’t at the front of their mind at the time.

You’re forgotten, or perhaps not recognised in search results. This is when they opt for your competitor.

As a brand consultant for small business this is where I start. I’m here to help you make your company both relatable and memorable for your highest return audience segment. We’re much more likely to buy off someone we’re familiar with – someone we know. How we achieve this is what I do for your business. 


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